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San Francisco and Matthew Stadler’s “Landscape: Memory”

by Tim-Waterman on December 10, 2014, no comments

This is an unpublished essay I wrote in 2003. I have made some small changes for accuracy, but I have left my writing style of the time intact. I’m every bit as fond of Stadler’s book now as I was then.  Literature provides a unique vehicle for the interpretation of landscapes, adding numerous senses to […]

London Doesn’t Need a Garden Bridge

by Tim-Waterman on December 3, 2014, no comments

A friend told me a story recently about an urban designer who derided a landscape architect with whom he was working for not understanding urban design because his insistence on planting shrubs was in clear violation of the principles of ‘designing out crime.’ Designing out crime is a tick-box approach to urban design that will […]